Diesel Common Rail 23670-0L050 G2 Fuel Injection for 1KD-FTV Engine.vedio
Type Common Rail Diesel Injector
Part Number 23670-0L050
Application IMV


Quality China Made Brand New Injector
SKU G1S80950008290
Size 24cm*12 cm *6 cm


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1.23670-0L050 Injector’s Basic Information

Title Diesel Common Rail 23670-0L050 23670-0L050  Fuel Injection   for 1KD-FTV Engine
SKU1 G1S80950008290

2.23670-0L050 Injector’s Common Part Number

(1)Injector’s Exchange Information

Injector Part Number Universal Number Universal Number
23670-0L050 095000-8222 /

(2)Injector’s Application Information

Injector Part Number TOYOTA

Car Model

Car Model  Car Model
095000-8291 23670-09330 / /
095000-8222 23670-0L050 / /

(3)Injector’s Part Number Common Writing


3.23670-0L050 Injector’s Matching Information

Vehicle Brand Car Model Engine Model Production Date

4.23670-0L050 Injector’s Parameter

Adaptation SystemCommon Rail System

Injector SeriesG2 Series

Injector Type:Electromagnetic Injector

Applicable For Vehicle: TOYOTA

5.23670-0L050 Injector’s Specifications and Dimensions

Injector Size:  22cm*8 cm *4 cm = 704cm³ (L*W*H=V)

Injector Net Weight: 0.8kg

Gross Weight: 0.9kg

Injector Quality: China Made Brand New Injector

Package Size: 24cm*12 cm *6 cm = 1728 cm³

Injector Type:Diesel Common Rail Injector

MOQ4 Pieces

6. 23670-0L050 Injector’s Quality Control

(1)Injector Testing

All injector spare parts are tested for electrical characteristics, accuracy, high temperature, low temperature, withstand voltage, leakage, durability, and various working conditions.

(2)Injector Assembling

And the quality control of the injector production and installation process, our company strictly follows the standard product installation data and product installation steps to install, such as injector stroke test, injector solenoid valve tightening torque, injector nozzle tightening torque,

(3)Injector Inspection

The factory inspection of the injector is undergone full inspection, random inspection, and batch inspection three inspections. Different brands of test benches are used to test the same fuel injector for a total of no less than three times for factory inspection, and the fuel injector installation and test environment are progressed in dust-free workshop.

7. 23670-0L050 Injector’s Customized Service

Injector’s Customized Service:Meet the customized needs of OEM manufacturers for shell lettering, logo engraving, injector internal packaging, injector external packaging and labels customized, etc.(2)Injector’s Customized Service Requirements

The purchased of customized injector are not less than 10 pieces.

Customized injector packages no less than 1000 pieces.

Customized products involve the need of specify logo, the OEM manufacturer needs to provide trademark authorization and the sample of logo image file.

Once the customized fuel injector is sold, it cannot be returned or exchanged if there is no quality problems.

8. 23670-0L050 Injector’s Shipping Ways

Destination in China areas: SF Express, Debon Express, the corresponding logistics company can be provided according to customer requirements in special cases.

Destinations out of China’s areas DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT air, ocean or other shipping methods required by customers.

9. 23670-0L050 Injector’s Lead time

Lead time:Send out within 3 – 7 working days after receiving payment (Except for special products and special cases).

10. 23670-0L050 Injector’s Packing


  • Domestic express packaging:Usually wrapped in waterproof scotch tape, such as picture No.1.International express packaging:Wrapped with waterproof yellow tape After wrapping the black protective film, such as picture No.2.Pallet Shipping:Use fumigation free and recycling trays that meet export requirements, and use white wrapping protective film to wrap and bind with cable ties for the outside, such as picture No. 3,

    Also, the products can be packaged according to customers’ requirements.

    • The packing tray is made of plastic and can be recycled.
    • Transparent tape, yellow tape, black wrapping protective film, white wrapping protective film are non-degradable materials,please dispose of them properly.
    • Minors are prohibited from using transparent tape, yellow tape, black wrapping protective film, and white wrapping protective film to avoid personal injury.

      Pic No. 1

      Domestic express packagingWrapped by transparent tape

      Pic No. 2


       International express packaging:Wrapped with yellow tape after wrapping black protective film

      Pic No. 3

      Pallet ShippingUse pallet that meet export requirements, and use white wrapping protective film to wrap and bind with cable ties


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